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The Trench that Alarms the Security Zone

The trench dug on the piece of land next to Dorotcaia Mayoralty, near the so-called Transnistrian border guard check point, has been discussed again during the Joint Control Board (JCB) meeting as of June 16. Although the military parameters show this is a trench (see the picture), the JCB Transnistrian delegation keeps saying these are just suppositions on behalf of Chisinau authorities. The demand of the military observer on behalf of Republic of Moldova authorities to find out more information about the trench and take all the necessary measures to solve the problem was impeded both by the Transnistrian and Russian military observers.

Ion Solonenco, JCB Deputy Chairperson on behalf of Republic of Moldova, stated our observer’s demand would have been fulfilled if things were as simple as it seems they are. The fact they keep silence proves they have something to hide. Thus, the parties reminded about Protocol No.712 as of September 16, 2010, according to which any works meant to change the situation near the checkpoint are prohibited. Hence, this will be considered as an attempt of the Transnistrian authorities to put the hand on a piece of land and a new attempt to worsen the situation in the Security Zone.

The OSCE representative pointed out that each of the persons involved in the peacekeeping process should be aware of the mission he has and fulfill its duties with much responsibility. The Joint Control Board is in charge of the peacekeeping mission. Thus, the structures from the Security Zone have no right to take decisions violating the JCB decisions. The fact there are cases in the Security Zone when the representatives of some particular structures take arbitrary decision violating the 1992 and 1998 agreements and JCB decisions is inaccurate.

The members of our JCB delegation specified the attempt to evaluate the situation from 100-meter distance as it happened with Dorotcaia trench cannot be accepted and such conclusions are impartial. Military observers are the ones to have the right to visit any place in the Security Zone and conclude whether there are paramilitary factions or not in the region or whether there some military constructions performed in the region that may serve as stimuli for a war to begin.

Therefore, Ion Solonenco stated Chisinau had always pledged for the peaceful settlement of the Transnistrian conflict and would do its best to avoid problems of this kind that may cause tragic consequences, which every person engaged in the peacekeeping process should take into account.

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