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Moldovan servicemen’s performances highly appreciated by international partners

CHISINAU, June 20, 2011 — “National Army servicemen from the Republic of Moldova did a very good job at Sea Breeze 2011 Peacekeeping Multinational Exercise. They were very professional and cooperative with other military contingents taking part in the exercise”, Col. David A. Gruss, Sea Breeze 2011 Multinational Brigade Deputy Commander, stated during the closing ceremony held at Shirokyi Lan facility, Nicolaev.

The ceremony brought together leadership of the exercise, commander and deputy commander of the multinational brigade, Task Force commanders and nearly 200 servicemen from Ukraine, USA, Republic of Moldova, Macedonia and Georgia deployed to the exercise.

During the event, the international contingent servicemen were awarded diplomas and certificates of appreciation and participation. The servicemen of the Special Operations Battalion and the Ukrainian airborne forces exchanged paratrooper badges as a sign of appreciation of cooperation while fulfilling their duties.

According to Commander of Fulger Battalion, Maj. Radu Burduja, the participation in this exercise is a new step in term of our professional development. “We’ve performed 90 jumps using MC-5 and D6 parachutes. We exceeded the scheduled number of jumps due to the successful cooperation with our Ukrainian fellows”.

The source said that, Moldovan paratroopers jumped from an AN-26 aircraft at an altitude of 4200 m. They have also performed jumpings and shootings at once. “We had the chance to train our jumping abilities from a 1500 meter altitude, where we had to be quick”, Burduja stated.

Maj. Burduja pointed out that “Although we had no problems with our tactical missions, we still had some difficulties with jumping from the aircrafts and using the D6 parachutes, which are new for us”.

Both, servicemen from the Special Operations Battalion and those from the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion deployed to Sea Breeze 2011 Multinational Exercise, appreciated the cooperation with the Ukrainian, American, Macedonian and Georgian forces, mainly during joint battle missions. Thus, due to this exercise, they had the opportunity to improve their skills, remove all linguistic barriers and make the exchange of experience in the area they are working in.

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