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The National Council for War Veterans` Meetings met at the Ministry of Defense

 CHISINAU, December 9, 2021 - The National Council for the Problems of War Veterans met today, at the Ministry of Defense, in the first working session of the new composition.

The topics on the agenda included the social protection of veterans, the problems they face, the issuance of the new identification card, as well as the actions planned for the Day of Remembrance for those who fell in the war in Afghanistan in February 15 and Remembrance Days from March 2.

During the meeting, the Minister of Defense Anatolie Nosatii, who is also the President of the Council, appreciated the actions taken so far by the members of the forum to improve the situation of war veterans, specifying that there is still much to be done in this regard. In the same context, Anatolie Nosatii mentioned the interest of the Government of the Republic of Moldova towards veterans and their problems. "The newly appointed government has been actively involved in solving the problems of war veterans. Thus, Law no. 121/2001 regarding the additional social protection of some categories of population, being increased the amount of the monthly state allowance for war veterans up to 750 lei. At the same time, the term for changing the old model cards with the new model ones has been extended, until December 31, 2022 ", said Minister Nosatii.

The Minister of Defense expressed his conviction that through joint efforts and efficient cooperation between the responsible institutions, the Council will be able to achieve its objectives aimed at the well-being of war veterans in our country.

At today`s meeting, those present approved the nominal composition of the sectoral working groups in the Council and their coordinators. At the same time, it was decided that the Interdepartmental Commission for ensuring the change and issuance of the war veteran card will further ensure the process of confirmation / reconfirmation of the status of war veteran and the issuance of new type of cards.

Other decisions aimed at submitting proposals by forum members to improve the normative and legislative framework in the field of improving the social protection of war veterans and solving the problems they face, as well as examining the need to draft a new normative act or amend Law no. 190/2003 on veterans.

It was also agreed that the responsible institutions will pay more attention to the financial and material support of the Republican Experimental Center for Prosthetics, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation (CREPOR) to streamline its work in ensuring the rehabilitation of war veterans.

In the same context, the possibility of setting up a reserve fund to support war veterans in difficulty will be examined, as well as the allocation of the necessary financial resources for the provision of housing to war veterans.
The Council established by Government decision on January 15, 2020, aims to coordinate state policies, programs, plans and actions for the social protection of war veterans, as well as to ensure equal opportunities for this category of the population to achieve constitutional rights and freedoms. As of November 19, the National Council for War Veterans Affairs has a new composition, which includes the secretary general of the newly create ministries, the heads of public authorities, as well as the presidents of some associations of war veterans.


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