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A New National Army Contingent Leaves for Kosovo

CHISINAU, January 6, 2022 - The 16th National Army contingent leaves for the KFOR peacekeeping operation in Kosovo.

On this occasion, today, in the Military Camp 142, an official ceremony took place, attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff, diplomats, but also the military and their relatives.

During the event, the Minister of Defense, Anatolie Nosatii, mentioned that the 15 contingents that the National Army has deployed in Kosovo so far have fulfilled with great dedication and professionalism the missions they had during the operation, expressing their confidence that the KFOR-16 staff will be equally responsible and vigilant in carrying out their tasks.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to carry out your mission honorably and to further demonstrate that the Republic of Moldova and the National Army are reliable partners in international peacekeeping efforts. At the same time, I urge you to take care of your life and health so that, in 6 months, you can return home safely and share with your colleagues the experience you will gain in Kosovo," said Anatolie Nosatii.

Present at the ceremony, the Italian Ambassador to Chisinau, Lorenzo Tomassoni, praised the performance of the Moldovan military from previous KFOR contingents and wished success to the peacekeepers to be seconded. I am sure you will be able to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate your professional skills, but also your value. You will be asked to be firm, determined, balanced and understanding. You will have on your shoulders the strength of the soldiers the daily responsibility to help ensure the protection of the civilian population, "said Lorenzo Tomassoni.

The deputy head of the US mission in our country, Laura Hruby, stated that the participation of the Republic of Moldova in the NATO-led operation in Kosovo is a proof of our country`s continued commitment to international peace and security. "The participation of the 16th contingent is proof that the National Army is a capable force that other nations can count on, contributing to multinational peace," Laura Hruby noted.

For her part, the representative of the NATO Liaison Office in Moldova, Marina Simion-Stanescu, said that our country has been a valuable contributor to the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo since 2014. "This is a consistent and valuable contribution of the Republic of Moldova on security, but also international stability. It is also an opportunity for the National Army to strengthen its defense capabilities and increase its interoperability with other nations, "said Marina Simion-Stanescu. The sixteenth contingent of the National Army consists of 40 professional soldiers, including seven engineers and a platoon of 33 infantry, who will carry out security missions and guard the military objectives and patrol the area of responsibility.

The Moldovan military will be part of the Regional Command-West and will be deployed to the Camp Villaggio Italia military base in Pech, Kosovo.

The mandate of the KFOR-16 contingent in Kosovo will be six months.

The KFOR peacekeeping operation is being led by the North Atlantic Alliance in accordance with UN Resolution 1244.

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