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Transfer of Authority between National Army Contingents in KFOR Operation

CHISINAU, January 13, 2022 - The transfer of authority ceremony between the 15th and 16th contingents of the National Army in the KFOR maintenance operation took place on Wednesday, January 12th, at the Camp Vilaggio Multinational Base Italy ”(CVI) in Pech, Kosovo.

During the event, Lieutenant-Colonel Victor Goja, KFOR-15 Commander, handed over the responsibilities of Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Covalenco, KFOR-16 Commander, in the presence of the Chief of the West Regional Command (RC-W), CVI Colonel Andrea Bertazzo, and others military base officials.

Lieutenant-Colonel Goja thanked the partners for their support in carrying out the mission, as well as the subordinate staff for their professionalism during their six months in Kosovo.

For his part, Lieutenant-Colonel Covalenco said that the soldiers in the KFOR-16 contingent were prepared to carry out missions in the theater of operations at the highest level.

At the end of the ceremony, the Moldovan military, who ended their term in Kosovo, exchanged badges with their colleagues in the new contingent, who will continue to carry out missions in the area of responsibility.


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