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US National Guard delegation visited the Moldovan Ministry of Defense

CHISINAU, June 10, 2022 - A Delegation of the National Guard of the United States of America, led by General Daniel R. Hokanson, pays an official visit to the Republic of Moldova on June 8-11, 2022.

In this context, at the Ministry of Defense, the American General, accompanied by the commander of the North Carolina National Guard, Major General Marvin T. Hunt, and the US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Kent D. Logsdon, met with the Minister, Anatolie Nosatii and the National Army Commander, Brigadier General Eduard Ohladciuc.

The main topics on the agenda were the cooperation of the Republic of Moldova with the USA but also the achievements in the partnership with the National Guard of North Carolina, established over time.

At the same time, officials addressed the reform of the defense sector, the programs and initiatives implemented with the help of the USA, and their role in the process of transforming the National Army according to the international standards of a good democratic government.

During the meeting, the Minister of Defense Anatolie Nosatii referred to the objectives of the National Army to intensify participation in peacekeeping missions, the aspirations of the Republic of Moldova for integration into the European Union, and also to the situation of regional security. The official also said that the partnership between the National Army of the Republic of Moldova and the National Guard of North Carolina contributes significantly to the reform and modernization of the National Army, making us interoperable with the military of other states in international missions and exercises.

For his part, General Daniel R. Hokanson praised the efforts of the Moldovan authorities in managing the refugee crisis in Ukraine, as well as the measures taken by the defense institution in the field of military reform. In this context, the American delegation visited the Single Crisis Management Center, where a group of National Army soldiers is also active. Officials became acquainted with his work as well as the measures taken to manage the flow of refugees from Ukraine.

At the same time, the US official mentioned that the US National Guard will continue to support the National Army in the process of modernizing and developing operational capabilities, as they have done over the years, in the context of the strategic partnership.

Subsequently, the American Delegation participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Car Service Center within the National Army Maintenance Center located in Bacioi, an objective built with US Government funding. The Minister of Defense specified that the opening of the Car Service Center is one of the valuable projects funded by the US Government which benefited the National Army. "I would like to reiterate the multidimensional nature of our collaboration with the US Government and especially with the state of North Carolina, which, over the years, has assisted us through various programs launched in our country in the military field. All this assistance has been and is being capitalized in the direction of the development of the defense institution of the Republic of Moldova.


It should be noted that the official visit of the delegation of the National Guard of the United States of America is part of the External Activity Plan of the Ministry of Defense and the National Army of the Republic of Moldova for 2022.

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