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The military, trained in respecting human rights

CHISINAU, June 14 - More than 1,000 conscripts and service members have been trained in respect for human rights, gender-based violence, combating discrimination, serious disciplinary violations, and crimes in military units the sessions are conducted in all National Army Garrisons.

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Ilona Dzic Head of the Psychological Assistance Service Department of Civic Education and Social Protection, the training activities included topics such as "Civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights of the military", "Interpersonal relations without intimidation, harassment - a significant factor in strengthening military personnel", "Rights and Obligations of the conscripts" and others.

The source said that sociological surveys on human rights, perceptions of discrimination, sexual harassment, gender-based violence, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and group conversations and psychological counseling were also conducted in military units.

The meetings were moderated by specialists from the Ministry of Defense, but also by state and non-governmental organizations, such as Promo-Lex, UN WOMEN, Gender Center, and the People`s Advocate. It should be noted that such briefings have been held in all units and institutions of the National Army and the Ministry of Defense since the beginning of the year and will continue to prevent discrimination, breaches of discipline, and the formation of a healthy moral-psychological climate in the units/institutions military of the National Army.

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