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Moldovan EOD Engineers Use New Method of Aircraft Bomb Disposal

Chisinau, July 14 — Expired aircraft bombs are being destroyed during July 4-30 at Bulboaca Military Training Site.

According to LTC Mihail Semionov, Commander of EOD Service of the National Army, 106 aircraft bombs weighting 250 kg will be destroyed within the project. The Soviet bombs were meant for combat aircrafts of different models.

Semionov pointed out the bombs are destroyed through a new much cheaper and more effective method according to which the explosives are burned with the help of thermit elements along with the explosive destruction. The EOD engineers also use the classic explosion-based method.

Two kinds of thermit elements burning at a temperature of 1700 degrees (3092 ºF) and 3000 degrees (5432 ºF) are used within this project.

The aircraft bomb disposal process is funded by the OSCE Mission to Moldova being estimated at 23 thousand euros.

Maurice Dunai, OSCE military cooperation agent, said Moldovan EOD engineers had been trained by an international expert invited to Chisinau by OSCE Mission. This organization provided financial support for the purchase of 150 sets of thermit elements for destroying aircraft bombs.

The aircraft bomb disposal squad consists of 12 EOD engineers of the National Army military units.

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