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Tiraspol Representatives Try to Deceive JCB

At the meeting of July 14, the Joint Control Board (JCB) reviewed the action plan dedicated to the 19th anniversary since the peacekeeping forces had settled in the region. The seven reports of the Joint Military Command that have not been examined at the previous meeting, were posponed for the next week.

The model of a unique peacekeeping forces’ diploma aroused discussions. Our delegation kept insisting on the version proposed by the Ukrainian representative (containing only the peacekeepers’ blue flag). The Transnistrian delegation kept supporting the idea of posting the flags of all the actors engaged in the peacekeeping process.

Given the fact the statute of the Eastern districts of the Republic of Moldova has not been fixed yet, the members of our delegation disagreed with the idea to post an unaccepted flag on the diploma, that would undermine our country’s statehood, as well as support indirectly the separatist forces.

Thus, the Transnistrian delegation submitted a demand to the other JCB members expressing its regret about the refusal of the Republic of Moldova JCB members to accept the flag of “the Transnistrian state” on the joint diploma, which is a good measure to strenghten confidence between both banks of the Dniester River.

Sergiu Golovaci, Deputy Chairperson of JCB on behalf of Republic of Moldova authorities, stated the attempt of the Transnistrian delegation to make the problems of the Security Area political is inadmissible.

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