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First Training Session of Military Parade

CHISNAU, July 18, 2011 — Over 1200 servicemen of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the Interior and Border Guard Service gathered today for the first joint training session of participants of the military parade to be held August 27, 2011, in Marii Adunari National Square, on the 20th anniversary of Republic of Moldova Independence Day.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated the training sessions are very important for the success of the parade. Such trainings are meant to make the participants work together during the great event. “Each group of servicemen worked in their military units to learn the new European marching method used by almost all the militaries of the world. 4 more joint training sessions are to be held before the parade, including 3 night trainings in Marii Adunari Nationale Square, where the military vehicles will be employed”.

According to Col. Oleg Cebotari, Chief of Management, Coordination and Monitoring Directorate, Main Staff, the military parade will bring together over one thousand National Army servicemen, including 91 participants in the 1992 war, 389 representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and 121 Border Guard Service members. Cebotari also stated 65 technical vehicles and technical equipment of the National Army will be employed in the military parade.

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