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The salary of the military in the term will be increased from January 1, 2023

Starting next year, the military in term of the National Army will receive 500 lei, instead of the 150 lei they previously received. The Cabinet of Ministers approved, today, the increase in the balances of the military and the people called to the cantonments.

Also, according to the document, soldiers released from military service will be paid a one-time allowance in the amount of three money balances, which is 1500 lei, and if they are part of the ranks of orphaned children or left without parental guardianship — in amount of five money balances (2500 lei).

The project also stipulates that the part-time soldiers incorporated in the Peacekeeping Forces in the security zone will receive a monetary balance of 600 lei, regardless of the position held in the contingent. At the same time, full-time servicemen and short-term servicemen, appointed by order in management positions, have their salary increased for the period of exercising these positions. For group commanders, the salary will increase by 10%, and for deputy platoon commanders — by 15%.

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