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National Army Soldiers Take Their Oath

CHISINAU, July 29, 2011 — “Republic of Moldova Constitution states that it is the right and the sacred duty of every citizen to defend one’s motherland. As soon as these young men take their oath, they become brave men committed to defending their country at the cost of their own life”, Col. Andrei Grosu, Commander of Dacia Brigade from Cahul stated on the Oath Ceremony attended by the young men who joined the National Army in July 2011.

703 young men took their oath at Dacia Infantry Brigade from Cahul and Moldova Brigade from Balti after a young soldier’s 6-week basic training course, for which they will get graduation certificates on August 19. The soldiers were also awarded a three-day holiday which they will spend with their families. When back, each of them will be sent to his military unit.

The military oath was first taken at Cahul Dacia Brigade on April 8, 1992.

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