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The National Defense Strategy and the Military Strategy will be revised in 2023

CHISINAU, January 20, 2023 — The Ministry of Defence will review its National Defence Strategy and Military Strategy in 2023, in order to update and adjust the state defence policy to the new risks, threats and challenges to military security.

These actions are set out in Chapter 25 of the Government’s Action Plan for 2023, which was discussed today during public consultations held at the Agency for Military Science and Memory.

The event, which also included discussions on general objective 9 “Promoting a peaceful and secure society” of the National Development Plan for 2023-2025, was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defence, representatives of central public authorities, non-governmental organizations, academia and development partners.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Secretary of State for Defence Policy, National Defence Planning and Military Interoperability, Valeriu Mija, said that in the current security context, it is important for the institutions responsible for updating the policy documents, strategies and action plans with which the defence institution operates to work together effectively.

During the consultations, the proposals for the reform of the security sector and the adoption of relevant procedures in the areas of crisis management, critical infrastructure protection and combating hybrid threats, an objective set out in the National Development Plan for 2023-2025, were discussed.

At the same time, the objectives of the national launch of the professional development programme in the field of security and defence for civilian personnel of state institutions, the strengthening of the National Army’s contribution to peacekeeping through participation in international missions/operations under the aegis of the UN, NATO, EU, OSCE and others were examined.

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