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National Army Servicemen Praised at Rapid Trident

CHISINAU, August 5, 2011 — Moldovan military men proved strong leadership skills and National Army company commanders showed high potential at Rapid Trident 2011 Multinational Exercise, LTC Ken Koop, leader of the military observers’ group, stated Friday, August 5, during the closing meeting of Rapid Trident 2011 Peacekeeping Exercise held at Yavoriv Training Site, Ukraine.

The Deputy Directors of the exercise, Veaceslav Nazarchin and Kevin Volk, congratulated the Moldovan contingent for their high performance and awarded them gifts and diplomas.

The National Army sent nearly 100 servicemen to the exercise. The contingent consisted of three infantry platoons, a special operations group and an EOD group.

The Moldovan EOD engineers and the special operations group carried out peacekeeping missions, as well as mine disposal operations and jumps during the Rapid Trident 2011 exercise. Thus, in two weeks, the National Army servicemen performed some checkpoint control operations, convoy escort, research and patrol missions.

“Rapid Trident” Multinational Exercise brought together nearly 2000 servicemen from nine countries such as: Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Great Britain and the USA.

“Rapid Trident” is a Partnership for Peace Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise. The National Army has been participating in this exercise since 2007.

The goal of Rapid Trident Multinational Exercise is to improve interoperability of Partnership for Peace multinational troops within peacekeeping missions.

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