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Fake in the online space

False in the online space about the participation of foreign military/observers/experts/military attachés in the complex tactical exercise held on 24.01-4.02. 2023 by the National Army in all garrisons!

The Ministry of Defense communicates the following:

— the exercise takes place in accordance with the training plan of the National Army for 2023 and has nothing to do with the security situation in the region;

— ONLY Moldovan soldiers are involved in the trainings, on time and on contract;

— the exercise is conducted internally, WITHOUT the presence or participation of foreign military/experts/observers or military attachés from NATO countries;

— such exercises represent an important element in the training system of the National Army, which contributes to maintaining an optimal level of the military’s professional training and the fighting capacity of the subunits;

— The Ministry of Defense informed the society and media representatives in advance about the tactical exercise, through an official communique published on the official page of the Ministry of Defense on January 23, current. Details here: https://www.army.md/?lng=2&action=show&cat=122&obj=7993

— exercises of this kind, with the involvement of troops and military equipment, with the execution of combat firing, are carried out periodically and planned, in different garrisons of the National Army.

— https://www.army.md/?lng=2&action=show&cat=122&obj=7296

— https://www.army.md/?lng=2&action=show&cat=122&obj=6240

— https://www.army.md/?lng=2&action=show&cat=122&obj=5889

— https://www.army.md/?lng=2&action=show&cat=122&obj=6055

— https://www.army.md/?lng=2&action=show&cat=122&obj=6088

— https://www.army.md/?lng=2&action=show&cat=122&obj=7645

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