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Military Contest for Journalists

CHISINAU, August 12, 2011 — The Ministry of Defense organized Saturday, August 20, the military contest “The most skillful journalist in military area”. The event to mark the 20th anniversary of the National Army was held at Bulboaca Military Training Site.

The contest brought together journalists of media institutions from Moldova.

The participants had to pass tree tests: shooting an AK 74 gun, assembling and disassembling the AK 74 gun and throwing the training grenade.

The first three leaders were awarded medals, diplomas and gifts. The winner of the first place got a military rucksack and a small infantry paddle, the second place — a military rucksack and a bota bag, and the third place — a military rucksack.

The group of judges also awarded three special prizes (a military T-shirt) to Victoria Criucova (Publika TV), Dorina Gheganov (Moldova 1) and Svetlana Panta (Jurnal de Chisinau).

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta congratulated the winners of the contest wishing them great professional achievements in future.

“We have organized this interesting contest to express our respect and frank appreciation of the national media representatives whom we communicate and cooperate with, for we want to the Ministry of Defense to be open and transparent in all its achievements”, the Minister of Defense said.

Vitalie Marinuta also stated the development of a close relationship between the Ministry of Defense as a public institution and Republic of Moldova citizens mostly depends on how it communicates with mass-media.

“I think the sources of mass information covering the activities and missions of the National Army in a fair and equidistant way are a need for increasing the public support for the military institution. The National Army is one of the most credible state institutions and this achievement is due to our joint activity with the mass-media, that helped us convey objective information about the National Army missions”, the Minister of Defense specified.

The military contest “The most skillful journalist in military area” brought together over 20 media representatives of the Republic of Moldova.

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