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Orhei Recruits Win “Pe Meleagurile Natale” Cup

CHISINAU, August 24, 2011 — Three teams of recruits from Ungheni, Orhei and Cahul districts took part August 22 and 23, 2011, in the final of the Republican Military Sports Competition “Pe meleagurile natale” held at Bulboaca Military Training Site.

Vitalie Marinuta, Minister of Defense, stated “Young people’s involvement in military sports competition and their interest towards national customs and military art are very important for their development. On the eve of Independence Day, this event is a good means of connection between the National Army and the society. Love for nation and fatherland should be taught since childhood and the National Army should be part of that”.

According to Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, Chief of J 1, Personnel Directorate, this competition focuses on recruits’ military patriotic education, thus preparing them for active duty in the Republic of Moldova Armed Forces. The event is also a good means of promoting the National Army image in the society.

The sports competitions include 100 and 1000 m distance running, hand grenade throwing, shooting pneumatic rifle, weight lifting and a contest testing the participants’ intelligence.

The closing ceremony of the sports competitions brought together Deputy Prime Minister Mihail Moldovanu, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta, as well as guests of the Ministries of Education, Youth and Sports.

The strongest competition was recorded at the last few trials, including the military relay race, marching and singing.

Thus, the young men from Orhei Military Territorial Center won the first place. The second prize was awarded to Ungheni recruits, followed by Cahul recruits.

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