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Ammunition arsenal discovered by military officers in Măgdăcești

CHISINAU, May 28, 2023 — Soldiers from the “Codru” Battalion discovered an arsenal of ammunition from the Second World War, near the village of Magdacesti, Criuleni district.

According to the commander of the Battalion, colonel Gheorghe Racu, the explosive objects were found on a field following agricultural works. The rescue team headed by captain Ion Golovei went to the scene.

Following the investigation of the ground, the military identified 93 artillery projectiles, caliber 152 mm, four artillery projectiles, caliber 105 mm, as well as 15 warheads from the projectiles.

The source mentioned that the explosive objects will be neutralized under maximum security conditions at the military training ground.

NOTES: The Ministry of Defense warns that in areas where ammunition exists or is assumed to exist, citizens are asked to notify the local authorities. In case of detection of unidentified explosive objects, it is categorically forbidden to touch the munitions with hands or other objects, to hit or move the munitions found in the ground or on the surface, to dismantle the warheads or other components.

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