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Letters of Independence at the Military Museum

CHISINAU, August 25, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta attended Thursday, August 25, the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Letters of Independence”, organized by the National Army Museum on the 20th anniversary of Republic of Moldova Independence Day and National Army Day.

Vitalie Marinuta stated the “Letters of Independence” exhibition is an important event meant to remember the moments of national and spiritual renaissance of the Republic of Moldova nation.

“The exhibition host by the National Army Museum is unique, for it displays a large amount of letters of Moldovan servicemen doing their military service in the former Soviet Army. In hard times for Republic of Moldova, they wanted to come back to their native country to contribute to building a strong state and establish the National Army”, the Minister of Defense stated.

Vitalie Ciobanu, Chief of the National Army Museum, said the exhibition “Letters of Independence” containing nearly 80 original letters would stay open from August 25 to August 29. Such an exhibition is new for the National Army Museum representatives. The event makes a review of the 1989-1991 events through personal objects, flags, official documents, newspapers and old photos.

According to military statistics, 55 000 conscripts and nearly 5000 officers and warrant officers from the Moldovan Soviet Socialist Republic served in the Soviet Army. Archive data reveal the fact that, till November 1991, about 300 demands to join the army were filed from all the countries members of the former Soviet Union. After a few months, there were already 2000 such demands.

The Legislative Power of Chisinau signed the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova on August 27, 1991. The National Army was established on September 3, 1991.

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