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Conscripts of the National Army took the military oath

CHISINAU, June 9, 2023 — About 230 conscripts of the National Army took the military oath today.

The solemn ceremonies of taking the military oath were held in the “Brigadier General Nicolae Petrică” Staff Regiment and the “Ștefan cel Mare” Motorized Infantry Brigade in the capital.

Present at the event organized in the “Ștefan cel Mare” Motorized Infantry Brigade, the Chief of the General Staff, Commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Eduard Ohladciuc congratulated the young soldiers, urging them to be disciplined, responsible, diligent and achieve good results in all the activities in which they will be involved.

In the same context, Brigadier General Ohladciuc spoke about employment opportunities in military service on contract, urging young people to apply for a career in the National Army.

At the same time, the deputy head of the General Staff, Brigadier General Sergiu Cirimpei, present at the event from the General Staff Regiment, Brigadier General Nicolae Petrică, wished the young people success during their military service.

It should be noted that the military men who took the military oath today were incorporated this April. They completed the initial training course, during which they studied military regulations, elements of frontline training and firing instruction.

The term military service in the National Army lasts 12 months.

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