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Military Oath – Sacred Honor

CHISINAU, August 26, 2011 — Discipline, sense of military honor and courage are values a military student is guided by in his officer career, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated Friday, August 26, at the Oath Ceremony of 101 students of Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy of the Armed Forces.

The Minister of Defense stated the corps of officers of the Armed Forces should be always prepared to engage in the modernization of the country.

“Students admitted to Military Academy are the future of the Armed Forces. They shall implement the best practices of the military art”, Vitalie Marinuta stated.

According to the Military Academy Commander, Col. Mihail Buclis, nearly 330 young men from the Republic of Moldova competed for infantry, artillery and communications departments. The admission contest was based on the applicants’ bachelor’s degree. The highest mark of admission was 7,91 given to Roman Motruc, applicant of the infantry department.

Buclis said that, before admission, the students attended a military training course at Bulboaca Training Site. They studied general military training science, engineer and shooting training.

Most of the students go in for sports and have many national and international diplomas and awards. 30 percent of the students were born in intellectual families and 70% come from villages. The academy has both, Moldovan students, as well as 1 Lithuanian, two Russian citizens and a Ukrainian student.

The length of study is four years. Accommodation, food and military equipment are free for students.

Starting from 1992, the Military Academy prepared nearly 1270 officers for the Armed Forces.

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