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Military Heroes Remembered in Glodeni

Glodeni, August 28, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta took part in two commemoration events in Ustia and Iabloana villages, Glodeni district, and awarded postmortem the title of “Citizen of Honor of the village” to Capts. Anatolie Lungu (Ustia) and Valeriu Macariuc (Iabloana), dead on duty.

The ceremony started with a divine service held by the local priests, followed by strings of weapons and the anthem. Then, the participants laid flowers at the heroes’ grave and monument. The event was followed by a march of remembrance and preceded by folk concerts and sports competitions. The servicemen of the 1st Infantry Brigade demonstrated some hand-to-hand exercises that were highly appreciated by the local citizens. The audience kept a moment of silence for the heroes.

Minister of Defense stated that, by awarding the title of citizen of honor to servicemen dead on duty, we remember our heroes and praise servicemen who would risk their life for their Fatherland. Through such commemoration events, citizens of the country prove they have never forgotten their heroes.

Valeriu Taregradschii, leader of Glodeni District Board, stated the cooperation between the army and the local public administration in this area is very important. He appreciated the sacrifice these brave men had made to defend our country specifying that Glodeni people are proud such citizens come from their area.

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