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National Army Communication Experts Trained in Germany

CHISINAU, September 7, 2011 — National Army communicators take part in Combined Endeavor 2011 Multinational Exercise held September 9-22 in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

According to Maj. Oleg Chirilenco, leader of the Moldovan contingent, Combined Endeavor 2011 Exercise aims at reaching a high level of strategic compatibility, computer, technical and software security through C4 national systems.

Chirilenco pointed out the exercise trains participants on providing all the necessary support to multinational contingents deployed to humanitarian operations, peacekeeping and weather calamities relief missions.

This year, the exercise will bring together representatives from 45 countries. Republic of Moldova deployed 10 military experts in communications and information systems of the Communication and Information Systems Directorate, Communication and Information Systems Center of Moldova Light Brigade and the Artillery Unit.

Chirilenco stated the participation of our servicemen in Combined Endeavor is a good opportunity for us to familiarize with modern technologies used by the Western armies in term of military communications. The participants test their equipment on compatibility with other countries’ and get experience in term of use of military information systems and computers all over the world.

The National Army joined Combined Endeavor exercise in 1998 as an observer. In 1991, Moldovan servicemen actively engaged in the exercise.

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