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21 Mines Liquidated in Hincesti District

CHISINAU, September 8, 2011 — The group of EOD engineers of Codru Battalion defused and destroyed 21 mines of 81 mm caliber and a grenade.

According to Maj. Vitalie Gurulea, leader of the mine lifting group, the ammunition was of German origin and dated back to World War II. The five explosives were discovered by a local citizen and his son in a forest, near Dubovca village, Hincesti. After a thorough investigation of the very place, the group of engineers discovered 16 mines more and a grenade.

Due to the high risk of explosion in case of transportation, the engineers decided to destroy the mines on the very place in a secure environment. Some time before, a few more explosive devices were discovered in Dubovca village. Mines were left there since 1944, for this place was the front line during Iasi-Chisinau operation.

This year, the EOD Engineer Battalion took part in 140 mine lifting missions, where they defused and destroyed 1370 explosive devices.

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