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Seven Reports Approved

Seven reports of the Joint Military Command have been approved September 8, at the meeting of the Joint Control Board, due to our delegation’s efforts and constructive attitude.

According to Ion Solonenco, JCB Deputy Chairperson on behalf of Republic of Moldova, this is a measure of consolidation of trust between the two banks of the Dniester River and a reply to the change of attitude of other JCB members.

The members of our delegation appreciated the important of dialogue and the responsibility of parties in the conflict and problem settlement process during the meeting. However, there were some other issues postponed for the following meetings. Thus, the audience expressed their hope the Transnistrian delegation will finally realize how good is to agree about the issues thus avoiding any kind of conflicts.

During the meeting, seven Russian military observers were replaced by others and Oleg Gudimo, JCB Transnistrian member was replaced by Oleg Obrucicov.

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