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The Right to Education Violated in Transnistrian Region

The key problem discussed during the meeting of the Joint Control Board (JCB) meeting as of September 15 referred to the daily intimidation of pupils from Grigoriopol going to school through Dorotcaia, a terminal installed by Tiraspol administration staff without JCB’s approval.

Since the demand on this issue filed by our JCB delegation last week had not been solved, they submitted one more demand revealing the importance of this problem and the conflicts occurring in the Security Zone. The members of our delegation warned the other JCB members that the Transnistrian force structures violated both, citizens’ right to free circulation, as well as the right to education thus breaking the international legislation and violates the human fundamental rights. After a thorough investigation, they decided to develop a counter conflict decision in the central part of the Security Zone.

The participants in the meeting approved the plan of the joint peacekeeping forces’ applications for October 19 and 20. At the same time, three peacekeeping forces’ checkpoints will be checked September 29 for readiness for the cold season of the year. JCB also looked through the report of the Joint Military Command issued last week.

JCB assigned Aurel Fondos as member of our delegation instead of Sergiu Valcov.

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