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Sale of Ammunition Considered Legal

CHISINAU, September 21, 2011 — The obsolete ammunition sold by the Ministry of Defense to a Latvian company was intended for Armenia and the sales agreement is legal, the chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for Defense, Public Order and National Security, Alexandru Stoianoglo, stated after the hearing of Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuta.

“The list of equipment was approved through a Parliament decision. The last decision about the sale of weapons was made last year by the Supreme Security Council, along with all leaders of the country and leaders of the alliance”, the head of the Committee said.

Stoianoglo pointed out the Armenian authorities had confirmed the Republic of Moldova ammunition had been transported, disembarked and stored in Armenia which was also attested by the signature of the Armenian Minister of Defense, Seiran Ohanian.

The Minister of Defense stated the ammunition had been exported and sold in compliance with the national and world legislation in force.

“Our goal was to get rid of obsolete ammunition and weapons. We have no money to destroy them, which is a too expensive process. Neither is there any possibility to disassemble and re-equip them. Moreover, we lack secure storage houses to keep them there. Other countries have such a possibility being able to use them according to the needs”, Vitalie Marinuta explained.

The Minister of Defense stated the aircraft from Libya did not have any cargo on board and the Republic of Moldova authorities knew about the transaction that had to take place at that moment. The Minister said the public opinion was not aware of the sale due to the confidentiality agreement.

“We will get an income of a few tens of millions MDL. Thus, the state budget will get 80% of the amount, while the Ministry of Defense — 20%. All the money engaged in the transaction is on the Ministry’s of Defense account. I still consider we are only to gain on the sale of obsolete ammunition in compliance with the legislation”, Vitalie Marinuta stated.

A few opposition MPs of Republic of Moldova Parliament submitted a demand to the Parliamentary Committee for Defense, Public Order and National Security on hearing people in charge of the sale of obsolete ammunition and its transportation by an IL-76 aircraft landed on September 13 on Marculesti International Airport.

The Ministry of Defense states the sales agreement concluded by the parties is perfectly legal and the list of the National Army assets for sale was approved through Republic of Moldova Parliament Decision No. 458 — XV as of June 30, 2001.

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