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New German Defense Attaché to Moldova

CHISINAU, September 23, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta met Friday, September 23, with the former defense attaché of Germany to Republic of Moldova, Commander Wolfgang Mache, who introduced LTC Berthold Eisenreich, on his assignment as a military attaché of Germany to Republic of Moldova based in Bucharest. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Defense.

The Minister of Defense congratulated LTC Berthold Eisenreich on the assignment, being convinced this is a good stimulus for the further development of bilateral military relationship between Germany and Republic of Moldova.

“The friendship relations between Republic of Moldova and Germany would definitely enhance our bilateral cooperation based on equality and mutual respect. We are sure that, along with the assignment of the new defense attaché, we will be able to identify all the necessary mechanisms for a future strong and more dynamic cooperation between our countries”, the Minister of Defense stated.

Vitalie Marinuta highly appreciated the activity of the former military attaché that was part of a few bilateral activities throughout his mandate. Due to his efforts, 35 representatives of the National Army had the opportunity to study German language in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, 51 servicemen were sent to Germany for studies. Hence, the Minister of Defense awarded Commander Wolfgang Mache the medal “For Strengthening brotherhood in arms” for great contribution to the enhancement of military cooperation.

The former defense attaché of Germany to Republic of Moldova, Commander Wolfgang Mache, appreciated the high level of German-Moldovan military cooperation. The official promised his country would keep supporting the defense reform in Moldova.

“Despite financial problems, Germany has always supported the Ministry of Defense as far as military education is concerned, for we realize how important investment in human resource area is”, Wolfgang Mache state.

The new German military attaché to Republic of Moldova is 54. He is married and has a child. LTC Berthold Eisenreich speaks English and Norwegian languages fluently. During 2010-2011, he studied Romanian.

NOTE: Moldovan-German military cooperation is based on the Inter-ministry Defense Cooperation Agreement concluded in March 2003.

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