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Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Moldovanu Runs the State Enrollment Board Meeting

CHISINAU, October 3, 2011 — The meeting brought together members of the Enrollment Board, representatives of the line ministries, commanders of regional military centers and chiefs of administrative military subdivisions.

The board examined the conscription issue within the Armed Forces, the medical military expertise activity, retrocession cases recorded over the past period of time and the military patriotic education activity for young people in the first quarter of 2011.

The Chief of Personnel Directorate, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, said 1840 young men joined the National Army during April — July 2011. Ohladciuc stated that, in this way, the conscription plan had been entirely fulfilled. The quoted source also pointed out the highest number of people conscripted are recorded in Cahul, Drochia, Falesti, Hincesti, Orhei districts and UTA Gagauzia.

According to the legislation in force and the decision of the board members, 1300 recruits will be accepted in the National Army and 730 young men will join Carabineer Troops during October 2011 — January 2012.

Deputy Prime Minister of Health Care, Gheorghe Turcanu, most often young men do not stay long in the army because of psychic disorders which occur because of a different psychological and social environment than they had before.

The Deputy Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health Care and the Medical-Military Expertise Board to be more strict when selecting recruits for the army and make all the necessary measures in case of bad medical investigation cases, by punishing people in charge in compliance with the Labor Code.

The Deputy Prime Minister pointed out the need of building a strong cooperation relationship between the Ministry of Education and the local public authorities in term of maintaining local military patriotic education at a high level, by training and making young men ready psychologically for enrollment. Thus, a few military patriotic activities may be carried out to prepare young people for military service, including contests, local, regional and national sports competitions.

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