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Deputy Prime Minister Moldovanu Checks the Conscription Process in the Armed Forces

CHISINAU, October 20, 2011 — Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Moldovanu visited Wednesday, October 19, Moldova Light Brigade from Balti.

As a Chairperson of the Military Conscription State Board, Mihai Moldovanu inquired about the military authorities’ readiness for conscription in Balti. The Deputy Prime Minister also checked the accommodation and training conditions of young men conscripted to Moldova Brigade in October.

The Commander of Moldova Brigade, Col. Ion Dotenco, informed the Deputy Prime Minister on how recruits are selected for the army, how the conscription process goes on and how recruits get used to army requirements. Dotenco stated young men attend a six-week initial training course at two training centers in Balti and Cahul.

Col. Andrei Sarban, Deputy Chief of National Army Main Staff for Resource Management, said 470 young men enrolled this autumn had been already sent to Balti and Cahul training centers. Sarban stated the number of industrial schools and college graduates to join the army had increased as compared to the past few years.

The Deputy Prime Minister appreciated the military authorities’ activity and efforts in term of development of Moldova Brigade infrastructure. Thus, Mihai Moldovanu added the capital renovation of the barrack for conscripts shows the Ministry’s of Defense commitment to improving the social aspect of the military reform.

" Moldova Brigade had to be supplied with gas and heating, modern equipment and new aqueduct and wastage systems, for our soldiers deserve the best housing and training conditions“, the Deputy Prime Minister stated. “I would like to thank all the military staff for doing a great job which young conscripts would always be grateful for. I am sure they will be committed to the army, acting with courage and honor in order to maintain citizens’ confidence in the National Army at a high level”.

The army recruitment process is held during October 2011 — January 2012. Thus, 1300 young men will join the National Army and 730 — the Carabineer Troops during this period. About 10 recruits will be enlisted as draftees in the National Army.

The first part of the conscription to the National Army recording 470 enlistees took place October 17-18. The second part is scheduled for January 17 −18.

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