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Training Course on Military Civil Affairs

CHISINAU, October 21, 2011 — A group of National Army servicemen attended a tactically based training course on military civil affairs within NATO. The course was held during October 17- 21 at Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy Continuous Training Center.

According to the Head of Strategic Planning Directorate, Col. Ilie Cernenchi, the training course was conducted by a mobile team of trainers of the Allied Joint Force Command from Naples, Italy. Cernenchi pointed out that over 20 military and civil employees of the National Army were selected for this course. The participants were familiarized with the military civil affairs within international peacekeeping missions.

“The main goal of the course is to familiarize participants with basic principles of military civil cooperation, methods of cooperation between the Army and the public authorities, the role of world organizations in theaters of operations, as well as other issues of military civil cooperation”, Col. Ilie Cernenchi stated.

The head of the tactically based training course on military civil affairs within NATO, LTC Orazio Caratozzolo, noted the course is topical and the knowledge National Army servicemen have got due will be quite useful for their further activity within world peacekeeping missions.

“I am very happy this course brought together commissioned and non-commissioned officers who have just started their military career. Due to this course, they will be much confident while acting with the civilians, mainly when they get the opportunity to engage into a peacekeeping operation”, Orazio Caratozzolo stated.

The tactically based training course on military civil affairs within NATO was organized for the first time in the National Army in compliance with the Ministry of Defense and the National Army 2011 Foreign Activity Plan.

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