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Over 500 Employees Have Completed Professional Training Courses in 2011

CHISINAU, October 27, 2011 — Human resource policies of the Ministry of Defense encourage competition and professional development. The professional training of personnel is a priority in term of persuading and attracting human resources to join the National Army. This conclusion is stated in a report of the Human Resource Management Directorate of the Ministry of Defense on the National Army Military and Civil Personnel Training.

The Head of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Col. Vitalie Butnaru (Ret.), said that, in 2011, over 500 military and civil employees of the National Army completed professional training courses in different areas. Butnaru stated that, 180 of the total number of participants graduated different military-based training courses. 130 of them attended and completed military courses abroad and 50 students graduated from Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy from Chisinau.

Butnaru added that, this year, 140 National Army clerks attended advanced professional training courses in such areas as: public administration, national, defense security and mobilization, communication and psychology, secretariat. The head of the HRMD pointed out the above trainings had been organized within the Public Administration Academy under the aegis of the Republic of Moldova President, as well as specialized courses carried out by the partner countries.

Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy also hosted postgraduate studies completed by 90 officers. Other 20 servicemen completed the Master’s degree studies. 20 officers and civil employees are currently attending the Master’s courses within the Public Administration Academy.

The head of HRMD stated nearly 100 National Army military and civil employees study foreign languages. English, German and French courses are taught both, in the National Army linguistic laboratories and national and international specialized institutions.

The educational process of the National Army staff in foreign military institutions includes high school, graduate and postgraduate studies based on bilateral cooperation agreements and partnership programs.

The Ministry of Defense cooperates deals with such countries as: Romania, USA, Germany, Holland, Slovenia, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Turkey, Greece in term of military education process. Due to the above agreements, Republic of Moldova pays no fees for the Moldovan military and civil employees’ education.

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