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Discharged from Active Duty with Military Honors

CHISINAU, October 26, 2011 — The best of nearly 250 conscripts who completed their active duty service in the Peacekeeping Forces in the security area of the Republic of Moldova have been awarded diplomas, letters of gratitude and cell phones.

The awarding ceremony was held at Moldova Light Brigade from Balti. The best conscripts were discharged from active duty with military honors during an event that brought together their parents and family members. After completing 12 months of active-duty service, five conscripts were awarded the “Eminent Serviceman”. Six young men got diplomas of honor and six soldiers were awarded cell phones for doing a great job during their active-duty service within the Peacekeeping Forces.

Brigadier Gen. Vitalie Stoian, Deputy Chief of National Army Main Staff, stated the soldiers who have successfully fulfilled their duties while in the army deserve all our consideration.

“I congratulate you on an excellent active-duty service. You did your job with much dignity and I am grateful to you for commitment”, Gen. Stoian pointed out and congratulated the young conscripts’ parents on their sons’ performances.

Gen. Stoian called soldiers who completed their service to apply all their experience in their daily life and do only good things wherever they are.

“On behalf of the Ministry’s of Defense leadership, I would like to thank leaders of all units for making great efforts in term of teaching these young men weapon handling techniques. I believe those who completed their active-duty service have become much stronger, disciplined and more responsible for their deeds, which is a thing of great use for their further life”, Vitalie Stoian said.

The discharge process is carried out along with the conscription to the Armed Forces. Thus, during October 2011 — January 2012, 1300 recruits will join the National Army and 730 — the Carabineer Troops. About 10 young men will be enlisted as draftees in the National Army.

The first part of the conscription to the National Army recording 470 enlistees took place October 17-18. The second part is scheduled for January 17 −18.

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