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Defense Ministers’ Gallery Inaugurated

CHISINAU, October 27, 2011 — The photo gallery of former Defense Ministers at the Minisry of Defense is a sign of gratitude to leaders of the institution in different periods of time who will be have been always committed to the National Army ideals, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated during the inauguration ceremony of the Defense Ministers’ Gallery held Thursday, October 27, at the Ministry of Defense.

The Defense Ministers’ portraits have been placed in a chronological order in the ground floor of the Ministry’s of Defense building. The gallery displays all the eight ministers who ran the Ministry of Defense since its establishment. They are as follows: Ion Costas, Pavel Creanga (passed away), Valeriu Pasat, Boris Gamurari, Victor Gaiciuc, Valeriu Plesca, Vitalie Vrabie and Vitalie Marinuta, who has been running the Ministry of Defense since September 2009.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated this initiative makes connection between past and present. The Ministry of Defense has had leaders of different professional background, but all of them made great efforts for the National Army’s sake despite the low budget means allocated, as well as political environment of those times.

“From the historical point of view, the development of the national military institution was based on great efforts, sacrifice and well-done job. Ministers Ion Costas, Pavel Creanga, Valeriu Pasat, Boris Gamurari, Victor Gaiciuc, Valeriu Plesca and Vitalie Vrabie have built a stable army of the Republic of Moldova able to preserve its values, customs and take advantage of each future opportunity”, Minister Marinuta stated.

The inauguration of Defense Ministers’ Gallery is dedicated to the National Army’s 20th anniversary event. Thus, all the Ministers of Defense have been awarded the “National Army 20th anniversary” Medal. The 20th anniversary medal was also offered to military priests to appreciate their efforts to the National Army staff spiritual development and for building a strong cooperation between the army and the church.

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