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District Leaders on the Military Training Ground

CHISINAU, October 28, 2011 — The Ministry of Defense invited all the district leaders of the country to attend the army reserve mobilization exercises Friday, October 28, at Bulboaca Military Training Ground.

The exercises brought together 35 local public authorities’ leaders who shot from infantry weapons and drove armored vehicles on the tank-training ground.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta appreciated the district leaders’ openness to attend the mobilization exercise.

“This drill is a great experience for district leaders, for most of them haven’t done their active-duty service. Thus, today they have the opportunity to learn new things in this area”, the Minister of Defense stated. “Moreover, this meeting gave us the possibility to discuss about the conscription process and find solutions to enrollment-related problems”, Vitalie Marinuta said.

The district leaders were very excited about the exercise, for this is the first time when they had been brought together at the request of a Ministry of Republic of Moldova Government.

“We highly appreciate the Ministry’s of Defense initiative. We were proud to wear military uniform and we saw with our own eyes the military service in the National Army is carried out properly”, the Causeni district leader, Ilie Gluh, stated. “This is an exclusive experience and I am sure young men who do their active-duty service in the National Army have a lot of useful things to learn from the National Army officers. Moreover, military service makes them much stronger from the physical and moral points of view”, Ilie Gluh pointed out.

During the event, the district leaders were familiarized with the military technical equipment, weapons and infrastructure of Bulboaca Training Site. They also visited the barrack and the training places. At the end, they had the soldier’s lunch cooked by Stefan cel Mare Brigade cooks from Chisinau.

Mobilization exercises involving central and local public authorities, as well as active reserve officers, are held twice a year as part of the Reserve Training Program approved by the Republic of Moldova Government in 2010.

The exercise is meant to check the reserve officers’ readiness for mobilization by engaging them in weapon-handling activities.

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