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The Ministry of Defense Launches a Citizen Information Project

CHISINAU, November 10, 2011 — The unexploded ammunition are a real danger for Republic of Moldova citizens whom the state should protect, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta stated Thursday, November 10, during a press conference on the launch of the project “Informing Republic of Moldova population about the danger of unexploded ammunition”.

During the event, the Head of OSCE Mission to Republic of Moldova, Ambassador Philip Remler, gave the Ministry of Defense a set of informative materials, including 10 thousands leaflets and posters printed by the organization meant to inform the local public authorities and the population of the country on how to deal with unexploded ammunition.

Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta pointed out the unexploded war ammunition keep making victims and this project is designed to raise people’s awareness about the risks they are subjected to.

“The citizen information campaign started this summer and will continue in 2012. I appreciate the OSCE Mission’s efforts and openness in supporting this important project. This proves the mission’s commitment to promoting regional and international security”, Minister Marinuta stated.

At the same event host by the Ministry’s of Defense Headquarters, the National Army Engineering Service made a briefing about the danger of unexploded ammunition. They demonstrated the light equipment of the EOD group used within mine lifting operations. Thus, the EOD Service warns about the fact that most explosive devices are discovered by citizens while working in the garden or field and touching them is prohibited. Citizens should be aware of the fact that hitting or moving the ammunition found in the soil or above it, demounting the warheads from the ammunition or other elements, allowing children play with different ammunition elements, transporting and taking them in the house is prohibited.

Moreover, citizens and, mainly, children should not go or step on areas with unexploded ammunition. Neither should they do agricultural diggings or agricultural work using tools or machines. Cars, people or animals should not cross the dangerous areas. No matter the physical conditions or the age of the ammunition element, there is always a chance for the unexploded ammunition to work and have a high bad impact on the environment and people. Hence, any actions regarding the unexploded ammunition should be carried out only by a specialized personnel and follow all the security rules.

Since 1992, the EOD teams of the National Army have destroyed over 20 thousand explosive devices all over the country. During this period of time, 21 people died, including seven children, and 26, including three children, were injured after different kind of ammunition had exploded.

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