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Power and Honor in the Air and on the Ground

CHISINAU, November 12, 2011 — Fulger Special Operations Battalion marked Saturday, November 12, its 19th anniversary. The event brought together National Army leaders, defense attaches, former veterans of the unit, as well as relatives of active-duty conscripts of the unit.

Brigadier Gen. Igor Cutie, Commander of the Land Force Command, pointed out the efforts of the Special Operations Battalion servicemen in term of promoting a good image of the National Army in the society. The General stated the 19th anniversary of the unit is both, a summing-up event and an input to reach new performances in their further activity.

The Commander of Fulger Battalion, Maj. Radu Burduja, appreciated each serviceman’s contribution to maintaining the fame of the unit in the society. “Each officer’s performances are the key to success. We are an elite unit and we fulfill all our missions and tasks with much professionalism and commitment”, Burduja stated. “Our servicemen studied abroad. We are also in very good terms with force units and departments of the Republic of Moldova”, the commander of the unit said.

The anniversary ceremony included some demonstrative weapon-handling exercises, wrestling, special tactics, climbing techniques, as well as shooting and other related activities. Moreover, the guests had the opportunity to see the infrastructure, the training ground, military technical equipment, weapons and the patrimony of the unit.

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