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National Army Servicemen Repack Pesticides in Clocusna

CHISINAU, November 17, 2011 — The problem of pesticides left on the Republic of Moldova territory since the Soviet times shall be solved soon due to a project on removal and disposal of 200 tons of pesticides stored in Ocnita, Causeni and Cantemir districts.

Due to an Agreement signed by the Ministry of Environment and the Czech Development Agency, the project “Remediation of Environmental Burdens Caused by Pesticides in Moldova” started in Clocusna village, Ocnita. Thus, within the above project funded by DEKONTA Czech Company, in common with a chemical unit of the National Army, 20 tons of pesticides stored in this village were repacked in barrels specially designed for exporting dangerous stuff abroad.

According to LTC Mariana Grama, Head of Ecology and Environment Protection Department of the Logistics Command, the cost of the project is worth 500 thousand euros.

“The project deals with the removal and disposal of 200 tons of pesticides stored and repacked in Ocnita district (Clocusna village), Causeni district (Gradinita village) and Cantemir district (Ciobalaccia village) due to the financial support of NATO and Republic of Moldova Government”, Mariana Grama stated.

The quoted source pointed out the remnants would be taken to Germany and destroyed by the German Company SAVA. Grama said the project “Remediation of Environmental Burdens Caused by Pesticides in Moldova” solves only some of such kind of dangerous environmental problems currently existing in Moldova.

“There are nearly 5800 tons of pesticides more to be liquidated on the territory of the Republic of Moldova which is impossible because of lack of funds. The Ministry of Defense is currently negotiating the idea of pesticide disposal with international actors”, LTC Mariana Grama stated.

All the environment pollution security rules are followed in the pesticide repacking process in Clocusna. The military team wears special modern chemical protective clothes. Moreover, they get 15 minute break after each 45 minutes of work. Pesticides are repacked in European model air-tight barrels, as well as special sacks that are to be exported to Germany next year.

The Mayor of Clocusna, Ruslan Goreacii, stated the pesticides stored in the village warehouse for tens of years were very dangerous for the local population.

“The environment has been polluted over the past few years. The water tests showed the water in wells cannot be used anymore for drinking or other needs”, the Mayor of Clocusna said. Goreacii pointed out the pupils of the village high school are provided with bottles of clean water for drinking. “I think this project will have a positive impact on the local population. Thus, villagers will live in a safer environment”.

It is worth mentioning the Republic of Moldova Government and the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency concluded one more Pesticide Disposal Agreement signed by Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta June 22, 2011. The document highlighting the disposal of 1269 tons of pesticides from 15 district warehouses is currently under examination at the Republic of Moldova Parliament.

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