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Army - Top State Institution in a Citizen Confidence Survey

CHISINAU, November 17, 2011 — The National Army is the most credible institution of all Republic of Moldova Government branches. The opinion poll made by the Center for Sociological Investigations and Marketing “CBS — AXA” on a sample of 1113 people shows 42,8 % of the total number of respondents trust the army most.

Of all adults surveyed, 50,6% have confidence in Mayoralty, 18,6% — in Government, 13,6% — in Parliament and 15,2% — in Presidency. Respondents also expressed very little confidence in justice — 18,3% and police — 31,7%.

The church is the institution Moldovan citizens trust best of all non-state institutions which has the confidence of 79,9 percent of respondents. For 57,3% of the interviewed persons media is the most credible institution.

The citizens’ trust survey also shows a number of social-political institutions of the republic recording the following results in term of credibility: — 23,8% of citizens believe NGOs are trustworthy, 13,4% gave their votes for political parties and 19,9% for Trade Unions.

The survey was conducted by “CBS-AXA” at the request of the Public Policy Institute October 22 — November 6 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2,9 percentage points.

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