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Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta: „The Charges of the Opposition MPs are Groundless”

CHISINAU, November 22, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta refuted the charges of the parliamentary opposition regarding the legal character of the Agreement concluded by the Republic of Moldova Government and the NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization (NAMSO) on removal and disposal of dangerous pesticides and chemicals.

The Minister of Defense considers the calumnious charges of the communist MPs Grigore Petrenco and Violeta Ivanov as an offence of the Ministry of Defense and himself, as the leader of the military institution.

“These are lies, imputations and speculations used by PCRM to promote their political ideals. The agreement on the disposal of dangerous pesticides and chemicals is to the benefit of Republic of Moldova citizens. The project will increase the environmental security of the country”, the Minister of Defense stated. Marinuta pointed out the chemicals dating back to Soviet times are very dangerous for the people’s health.

Vitalie Marinuta stated the document PCRM representatives referred to contains similar points with the ones highlighted in the Agreement concluded by the Republic of Moldova Government and NAMSO in October 2011, when PCRM would rule the country.

“The agreement under consideration was approved in 2008. The points stated in the document were negotiated including by Violeta Ivanov, who was the Minister of Environment at that moment”, Vitalie Marinuta said.

It is worth mentioning that, on November 18, the Parliament approved in first reading the draft law on ratification of the Implementation Agreement on the disposal of 1269 tons of pesticides and dangerous chemicals from 15 district warehouses.

Then, during a conference held November 21, communist MPs pledged against the removal of pesticides from the territory of the Republic of Moldova. They say the agreement signed by the Moldovan Government and NAMSO goes against the Constitution and violates the neutrality status of our country. Communists assert the agreement is not legal for it states the military and civil personnel to remove the pesticides would be privileged according to the legislation and would not be punished in compliance with the legislation in force.

Lately, the personnel of a chemical unit of the National Army repacked and prepared for removal and disposal 200 tons of pesticides stored in Clocusna village, Ocnita district. The event was part of the project “Remediation of Environmental Burdens Caused by Pesticides in Moldova”. The pesticide disposal process will be continued in Causeni and Cantemir districts, where 180 more tons of pesticides are stored. The repacking and removal of pesticides is carried out due to the Agreement signed by the Ministry of Environment and the Czech Development Agency.

There are nearly 5800 tons of pesticides currently stored on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, but there are no funds for their full removal and disposal for now.

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