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Public Servants Graduate Professional Development Course

CHISINAU, November 25, 2011 — Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta awarded Friday, November 25, graduation certificates to National Army public servants who graduated from a professional development course carried out within the Public Administration Academy under the aegis of Republic of Moldova President.

The advanced course consisted of 72 classes divided into six modules such as: public administration, management of public servants’ activity, national security, defense and mobilization, communication and psychology, secretariat, as well as Labor Code.

The head of the Human Resource Management Directorate, Vitalie Butnaru, stated that 100 public servants of the National Army had been selected for this course, in compliance with the professional training legislation in force. Butnary pointed out the professional development course had been organized by the Ministry of Defense, with the support of the United Nations Development Program to the Republic of Moldova, in common with the State Chancellery.

The Head of the Professional Development Department of the Public Administration Academy, Aurelia Tepordei, appreciated the Ministry’s of Defense commitment to professional development of the National Army public servants.

“I would like to congratulate all the public servants who followed this training course, for they made a secure investment in their professional development. The final test showed their excellent results and I am grateful to them for discipline and openness during the classes”, Aurelia Tepordei specified.

The Minister of Defense stated public servants are part of the national defense system and their training is as important as the professional development of the military personnel.

“We should raise public servants’ level of professionalism in order to improve the quality of public services. In this case, we refer to one of the main goals of the central public administration reform dealing with the training of a corps of public servants that would provide high-quality services to our citizens”, the Minister of Defense said. Marinuta pointed out the professional development of human resources is a priority for the National Army.

The Minister of Defense also awarded certificates of appreciation to the leadership of the Public Administration Academy, academic staff, as well as representatives of the State Chancellery and the United Nations Development Program to the Republic of Moldova, for their great efforts to the professional development of the National Army personnel and multilateral support in holding the above course.

The professional development course for public servants selected by the Ministry of Defense consisted of three stages. Thus, the attendants were divided into three groups in compliance with the following time periods: September 20 — 30, October 18 — 28, and November 15 — 25.

According to the national legislation, each public servant working in a government institution is bound to undertake professional development at least 40 hours per year.

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