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The mission of the National Army General Staff, as a core structure of the National Army, is to assist the Chief of National Army General Staff in commanding the Armed Forces.



To accomplish its responsibilities for the direction of the national defense missions of the National Army, the General Staff is in charge of strategic planning of National Army troops employment in combat actions and other operations, commands forces engaged in these actions, plans and prepares commanders of National Army Commands and military units of the army for their missions.
The Main Staff is delegated full power and authority to plan combat and other actions, maintain and imporve combat readiness and mobilization capacity, as well as prepare staff for battle and mobilization. 
The General Staff of the Armed Forces is established as soon as the mobilization of the Armed Forces is announced based on the National Army Main Staff. The General Staff of the Armed Forces is the main body to assist the High Comand (run by Republic of Moldova President, Comander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces) in commanding Armed Forces in term of getting ready and executing country defense missions.
The Chief of the National Army General Staff, National Army Commander, runs the activity of independent directorates and departments of the General Staff directly or through his Deputy Chief, Director of the General Staff, that runs the above mentioned structures’ activity.  
The Chief of General Staff, National Army Commander, directs troops and logistics supply units through Land Force, Air Force and Logistics Commands.
The Chief of National Army Main Staff, National Army Commander, is also charged with the administrative management of the army staff, personnel supply and training of personnelm technical equipment and weapon supply, technical-material supply of the Peacekeeping Joint Forces responsible for missions established by the Joint Control Board in the security zone of Republic of Moldova Eastern districts.
The Deputy Chief of General Staff, Director of General Staff, Chiefs of independent Directorates and Departments, Commanders of National Army Commands, are assigned by the Minister of Defense at the request of Chief of General Staff, National Army Commander.



April 24, 1992 – The General Staff is established through Republic of Moldova Government Decision No. 84-5


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