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Defence Policy and Planning Directorate


The mission of the Directorate is to develop, promote, ensure, coordinate and manage the defence policy and national defence planning process at national and international level.

The Directorate performs its functions in the following areas:

1) defence policy;

2) interoperability policy;

3) defence planning.

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The basic functions of the Directorate are:

1) establishing and monitoring the implementation of strategic objectives and priority directions in the field of defence;

2) developing, coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the defence policy, in line with the documents that support national defence planning;

3) ensuring the coherence of defence and security processes and strategies as a basis for military reform;

4) setting political-military priorities for allocating the necessary resources;

5) promoting the defence objectives at national and international level in the context of the country’s foreign policy and national interests;

6) developing (adjusting) and monitoring the implementation of the defence sector interoperability policies;

7) developing recommendations, analyses, of the planning process and monitoring the implementation of action plans and cooperation programs with international bodies aimed at enhancing interoperability and achieving international standards through the participation of the Republic of Moldova in international operations and missions;

8) examination of the draft policy documents in the field of interoperability, other legislative acts elaborated by other structures and institutions of the Ministry of Defence;

9) negotiation with external partners/donors the possibility of creating new external assistance projects/programs to increase the degree of interoperability, and ensure the process of initiating and monitoring their implementation;

10) managing, coordinating and monitoring the integrated defence planning process;

11) implementation of defence planning based on the political and strategic options and decisions of the Parliament, the President and the Government, as well as of the other public institutions with responsibilities in the field of national security and defence;

12) organizing, ensuring and monitoring the functioning of the planning, programming, budgeting and evaluation of the forces system, activities and defence resources for the Ministry of Defence;

13) drafting the legislative as well as normative acts on defence planning.

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