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J1 Personnel and Mobilization Directorate


 J1 Personnel and Mobilization Directorate has the mission to contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the General Staff of the National Army, by promoting and implementing an efficient management of human resources, mobilization and military administrative activity within the National Army.

Contact phone: 022 25-20-74

Organizing the activity of the Personnel and Mobilization Directorate

J1 Personnel and Mobilization Directorate manages the human resources management within the National Army, organizes and monitors the selection, conscription and assignment of personnel to supply military units in compliance with operational requirements. The directorate, also plans to complete the military structures with personnel, elaborates the current and perspective requirements regarding the potential of the incorporation sources, and organizes the recruitment in the military service. At the same time, J1 the Personnel and Mobilization Department manages the individual professional development of the National Army staff within the studies / courses and other forms of training in the country and abroad, the coordination of the administrative-military additive and the military centers.

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