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J5 Strategic Planning Directorate


The mission of the Strategic Planning Division insures the support and the expertise required by the National Army General Staff leadership in the decision-making process on strategic planning of the military organization and contribution of the National Army in term of the type of forces actions and capabilities required for carrying out particular missions, assists the General Staff divisions in the transformation process of the army, implementation of activities and international military cooperation tools, as well as conducts National Army weapons control activities.



The Strategic Planning Division develops (or takes part in the development of) basic documents meant to support the National Army leadership decision-making process (plans, scenarios, concepts, reviews, surveys, etc), contributes to the development or adjustment of documents to the national security and defense legislation, facilitates and, in some areas, conducts the implementation of initiatives, programs and others international military cooperation aspects of the National Army, as well as takes part in carrying out National Army activities during peacetime, crisis situations and/or war.


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