Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova Mon, 27 May 2019 01:22:49 +0000 en hourly 1 Soldiers from Cahul Win the Minister’s Cup at Military Skills Competition Fri, 24 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 24, 2019 — The service members of “Dacia” Brigade have won the Defense Minister’s Cup at the military skills competition, an event organized by the National Army within May 22-24, 2019. The service members of Special Forces Battalion “Fulger” have won the second place, while the students of Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” have obtained the third place.

At the awarding ceremony organized in “Stefan cel Mare” Brigade, Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza handed the Cup to the winners and mentioned that for a professional service member the physical training is mandatory.

“Besides excellent professional skills, a soldier must have an excellent physical training and this kind of competitions are proving that the defense institution pays special attention to this aspect. I am glad that we have service members who are well-trained and I am certain that they will represent us with honor at national and international sports competitions,” said Eugen Sturza.

According to chief of Physical training service of Doctrine and Joint Training Directorate, Col. Vasile Olednic, this year’s competition brought together 13 teams from all the National Army units that competed in: triathlon, polyathlon, hand-grenade throwing, TT pistol shooting, rifle shooting, and mixed relay race.

The Defense Minister’s Cup is held yearly and aims to improve the skills and sports performance of National Army service members.

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The National Army Is Ready to Intervene in Stefan Voda District Fri, 24 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova  

CHISINAU, May 24, 2019 — The National Army is ready to intervene with military and vehicles in order to prevent the floods in Stefan Voda district.

In this regard, Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza ordered 75 soldiers of “Dacia” Brigade from Cahul to be deployed today to Cromcaz village, Stefan Voda district to fortify the protection dikes in the areas where there is danger of water levels to rise and to clear the areas in order to consolidate the weirs.

The staff mobilized for these works will use five URAL vehicles.

On Thursday, May 23, Prime Minister Pavel Filip summoned a meeting regarding the danger of floods from heavy rains in Stefan Voda district, especially in the localities situated near Dniester River.


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International Experts Analyze the Security Strategic Environment Thu, 23 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 23, 2019 — The Strategic studies and defense security center of the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” (MAAF), together with the Ministry of Defense, organized the international conference “Security Strategic Environment: Trends and Challenges” at the Center of Military History and Culture on May 23. The Conference was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions accredited to our country and of the academic and scientific environment from Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, USA, and Ukraine.

The talks included subjects related to defense challenges, visions, and prospects in the context of the current security environment, the policies regarding the international defense cooperation of the Republic of Moldova, military capabilities of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova in relation to partner countries, current risks, dangers, and threats in the regional security environment, guaranteeing the country’s neutrality through international law institutions, the particularities of using discursive practices in the framework of strategic communication, human rights in the conflict zones.

The experts also talked about the security system in Romania, Black Sea region, in the context of great powers’ clash of interests, the impact of Russia-USA relations on Eastern Europe and its consequences for the national security of the Republic of Moldova, ensuring state security by fighting and preventing corruption, the achievement of contemporary civilization in the military and human security areas, the implementation of Resolution 1325 “Women, Peace, and Security” in the Republic of Moldova, indexes, forms and methods of influence on the security in the region, evolution of the defense economy in the modern strategic environment, and other relevant subjects.

During the event, General State Secretary, Radu Burduja, mentioned how important is to organize such scientific conferences that have the objective to comprehensively address the regional and international security environments in the framework of the sector’s current challenges.

“Within the current geopolitical context, the economic, political, social, environmental, and informational issues, the approach regarding Moldova’s security must be addressed by considering the interests of regional and international actors. In this regard, it is very relevant to develop mechanisms and tools that would detect pre-crisis situations or potential conflicts, generate a sufficiently reliable forecast of their evolution, and then generate recommendations for an effective solution. Obviously, all these require a relevant and appropriate instrumentation that I am certain will be identified by the participants of today’s conference,” said Radu Burduja.

The international conference “Security Strategic Environment: Trends and Challenges” is organized annually by the Strategic studies and defense security center of the MAAF.

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Building Integrity in Peace Support Operations Studied by National Army Service Members Tue, 21 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 21, 2019 — A group of experts of the Allied Joint Force Command Naples (Italy) is conducting the course “Building Integrity in Peace Support Operations” during May 21-24, 2019.

The activity is attended by National Army service members and has the objective to train the staff on identifying and preventing corruption acts that could negatively affect the international peacekeeping missions.

The 50 representatives of the Ministry of Defense, General Staff, and military units who are to be deployed in peacekeeping missions, including those of KFOR-11 contingent, are familiarized with fundamental notions of personal and professional integrity, as well as NATO’s anticorruption efforts within the current peacekeeping missions.

The training also includes practical sessions based on scenarios related to corruption.

The course is part of NATO’s actions aimed to facilitate the understanding of corruption risks, their impact on defense institutions, and identification of practical actions oriented towards building integrity, increasing transparency, and enhancing responsibility in the defense sector.

The activity is part of the NATO Building Integrity Programme in the defense and security sector and is organized for the fourth time in Chisinau by the Military Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense, with the support of NATO International Secretariat.

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Spectacular Show at National Army’s Museum Sun, 19 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova  

CHISINAU, May 19, 2019 — The National Army’s Museum has organized an event that is part of the European project “Night of Museums” during the night of Saturday to Sunday.

The activity has been conducted together with the Mayoralty of Centru district and included an exceptional art program consisting of music performances, theatre presentations, fights improvisation, and a march with torches on the streets of Chisinau city.

The visitors had also the opportunity to attend thematic exhibitions launched on this occasion — a unique exhibition of military uniforms including contemporary uniforms of partner states which are part of the collections of the Military Museum and Customs Service’s Museum and the exhibition of postcards and post stamps dedicated to old Chisinau which belong to the Union of Philatelists of the Republic of Moldova.

During the event, General State Secretary, Radu Burduja, said that the National Army’s Museum has joined this initiative since the beginning, in 2005, and has presented spectacular programs to its visitors, with a focus on the military history, a history that must be known by every Moldovan citizen.

Radu Burduja invited the guests to visit the defense institution’s Museum more often so they could better understand the military history, including the history of the National Army.

The European Night of Museums is a cultural event that is organized every year, in May, at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of France and that is currently sponsored by the European Council, UNESCO, and the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

In the Republic of Moldova, the event has been organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research and aimed to bring the Museums’ collections to the public’s attention, as well as to raise public awareness concerning the problems faced by the museums.

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Anniversaries in the National Army Sat, 18 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 18, 2019 — The staff of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion marked today the 20th anniversary, within a ceremony held at Military Compound 142 and attended by unit’s veterans, pupils from Chisinau, soldiers’ parents and relatives.

During the event, Minister of Defense Eugen Sturza congratulated the Battalion’s military and civilian staff and appreciated their performance during bilateral and multinational exercises and international peacekeeping missions.

“You are the ambassadors of the Republic of Moldova in Kosovo, where alongside military from other countries, you contribute to regional security. I am certain that you will also participate in other missions — we intend to deploy National Army peacekeepers to other theaters of operations because we have professional service members, trained in international elite schools, who tested their interoperability and proved that they are ready for this type of missions,” said Eugen Sturza.

According to the unit’s Commander, Maj. Ion Cotofana, over the past 20 years, the Battalion’s officers and NCOs have participated in UN missions in Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Sudan, and South Sudan as military observers, in the post-conflict rehabilitation operation in Iraq, as well as in national and international exercises in Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Macedonia, Romania, Sweden, USA, and Ukraine.

On the occasion of the anniversary, as well as for service performances, a group of unit’s officers and NCOs received National Army medals and diplomas.

The event also included the presentation of tactical exercises of the infantry subunits during peacekeeping missions, wrestling exercises, as well as an exhibition of the Battalion’s military vehicles and weapons.

Also today, another festivity marked the Unit’s Day for the staff of the Anti-Air Missile Regiment. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the National Army Commanding Corps, former unit commanders, veterans, pupils and citizens of Durlesti.

Deputy Chief of National Army General Staff, Col. Eduard Ohladciuc, mentioned that the regiment always has had and keeps having an important role in defending the air space, a mission that is fulfilled due to the service members’ professionalism and dedication that have been shown throughout the past 27 years.

Col. Ohladciuc requested the unit’s staff’s commitment in the implementation of the defense sector’s reformation and specified that each of them can contribute to the achievement of the army’s strategic objective — to have a force that is ready to fulfil its missions.

The event included an exhibition of the unit’s vehicles and a musical program presented by the service members.

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Strategic Communication Discussed at Ministry of Defense Sat, 18 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 18, 2019 — A group of experts of the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence from Riga, Latvia has met with General State Secretary, Radu Burduja, at the Ministry of Defense, on May 17, 2019.

The talks regarded the capability building of the defense institution’s strategic communication and the support which the center of excellence from Riga can offer in this regard.

The General State Secretary presented the necessities of the Ministry of Defense in the area of strategic communication that also includes a viable mechanism for counteracting fake news, propaganda, and public opinion manipulation.

Radu Burduja added that the institution is interested in the sector’s best practices that are used by other countries’ armies and their implementation in the Republic of Moldova.

The STRATCOM experts welcomed the idea of organizing the meeting requested by the Ministry of Defense and mentioned that they will support the institution with necessary expertise and training for a better understanding of the concept of strategic communication and its implementation in the Republic of Moldova.


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Republic of Moldova – North Carolina – 20 Years of Partnership Fri, 17 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 17, 2019 — General State Secretary, Radu Burduja, attended the meeting of the Bilateral Cooperation Committee Republic of Moldova — North Carolina that has been organized in Chisinau.

The event organized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration has been attended by representatives of the Government, North Carolina Secretary of State, Elaine F. Marshall, and officials from the US Embassy.

During the event, Radu Burduja referred to the importance of the partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the state of North Carolina for the defense sector.

In this regard, the General State Secretary highlighted the results obtained by the soldiers of the National Army and of North Carolina National Guard (NCNG) since 1999, thus contributing to the Moldovan soldiers’ training and the defense institution’s reformation.

“In the last years, the National Army has benefited from an excellent Training Program, which allowed our military personnel to take part in joint, multinational and combined exercises. More than 1,000 Moldovan soldiers had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the best practices and operational procedures of NCNG, thus achieving a very good level of interoperability not only with NCNG, but also with Euro-Atlantic allies and partners,” said Radu Burduja.

The partnership between the Republic of Moldova and North Carolina started on April 22, 1999, by signing the Bilateral Memorandum of Intent aiming to facilitate the cooperation in the economic, cultural, scientific, academic exchanges, defense and civil protection sectors and the coordination of humanitarian efforts of governmental institutions and NGOs.

The National Army of the Republic of Moldova and North Carolina National Guard signed a Memorandum of Agreement on establishment of Partner Units between the two defense institutions, on May 3, 2013. The document aims to consolidate the relations between the National Army and US Army service members and to promote cooperation between the military units of the two states.

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Anti-corruption Training Conducted in Two National Army Institutions Fri, 17 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 17, 2019 — The Military Inspectorate (MI) of the Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with the National Anti-corruption Center (NAC), conducted training sessions on the corruption phenomenon, its dangers, and the consequences of being involved in actions of corruption for the military and civil staff of two National Army institutions, during May 16-17, 2019.

According to chief of MI, Col. Victor Pirtina, the activity had the objective to inform and consolidate the knowledge of the students of the fourth year and professors of the Military Academy of Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun” and the medical staff of the Central Military Hospital regarding the testing of institutional integrity, conflicts of interest, whistleblowers’ protection, the legal regulation on gifts, as well as liability for corruption acts and corrupt behavior.

The source mentioned that the sessions have been attended by 155 people from the two institutions. Yearly, over 85% of the defense institution’s staff, from all the garrisons, participates in similar trainings conducted by the Military Inspectorate and the National Anti-corruption Center.

Col. Pirtina added that the training of service members and public servants of the Ministry of Defense on institutional integrity aspects is part of the Ministry’s Action Plan on the implementation of the National Integrity and Anticorruption Strategy for 2017-2020.

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KFOR-11 Contingent Trained on Operational Law Fri, 17 May 2019 00:00:00 +0000 Ministry of Defense of Republic of Moldova CHISINAU, May 17, 2019 — The National Army contingent that has been approved for deployment to KFOR operation in Kosovo attended the Moldovan-American seminar “Operational law/human rights”, during May 13-16, 2019.

The activity was conducted by the National Army General Staff, together with a mobile training team of the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) from Newport, Rhode Island, USA, and had the objective to train the officers and NCOs of KFOR-11 contingent on the legal standards of international and multinational operations.

During the seminar, the legal advisors of the US Army and the operational officers of KFOR mission’s staff mainly referred to the background on the legal framework for the deployment, rules and regulations which apply to the peacekeepers’ activity.

The training is conducted for the fifth year in a row at the request of the National Army and is part of the Regional Program for Europe of the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies.

The KFOR-11 contingent will be deployed to Kosovo at the beginning of June and will have a six-month mandate.

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