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Directorate of transformation and coordination of external assistance


Transformation Directorate is an internal division within the Ministry of Defense which has the mission to coordinate the process of defense transformation in the National Army, being responsible for synchronizing, monitoring, and reporting activities conducted in the field of transformation.

Telephone number: +373-22-252-255


The Transformation Directorate is directly subordinated to the Minister of Defense and ensures the entrusted missions in the following areas:

  1. Planning, synchronizing, monitoring the transformation process (restructuring and development) of the National Army;
  2. evaluating the effectiveness of the functionality of the structures within the Ministry of Defense;
  3. Coordination the reorganization and restructuring process of the Ministry of Defense institutions.

The basic functions of the directorate are:

  1. Advising the Minister of Defense on the identification and implementation of the National Army’s transformation policies;
  2. Coordination of the military transformation process in order to implement the recommendations deriving from the National Defense Strategy in the field of military transformation, as well as the achievement of the specific objectives of the military establishment according to the Military Strategy and the Defense Planning Directive;
  3. Ensuring the interaction of the policy documents development process on military transformation and the defense resource planning process;
  4. Coordination the initiation and elaboration procedures of draft normative acts regarding the reorganization and restructuring of the Ministry of Defense institutions, with the participation of authorized project authors and experts;
  5. Providing support for drafting normative acts on the reorganization and restructuring of the Ministry of Defense institutions to promote them in the process of endorsement, public consultation, expertise and finalization;
  6. at the decision of the Minister of Defense, evaluating the effectiveness of the functionality of the structures within the Ministry of Defense and submitting optimization recommendations regarding their organization and functioning;
  7. representation of the Ministry of Defense in the relationship with partner states on the issue of military capabilities development;
  8. Fulfillment of the duties established by the Minister of Defense in the areas of responsibility.

The Directorate operates in cooperation with the internal subdivisions within the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense, the structural subdivisions of the National Army and the institutions subordinated to the Ministry, as well as the international experts in the respective fields.

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