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J8 Financial management Directorate


J8 Financial management Directorate has the mission to manage the financial management process in the National Army, contributing to its objectives through compliance with the normative framework and internal regulations, the efficiency of operations, security and integrity of information.

Colonel Alexei Munteanu — phone: (022) 252-020, e-mail: alexei.munteanu@army.md

Organization of activity J8 Financial management Directorate

J8 Financial management Directorate ensures the planning of the financial management processes, the implementation of the budget execution process, the organization of keeping the accounting records and the making of personnel payments. At the same time, the Directorate monitors and supervises the financial-accounting activity of the financial services of the National Army and the financial and logistic services within the military centers, as well as organizes and carries out methodological work with the aforementioned services.

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