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Human resources service


The human resources service has the mission of contributing to the achievement of the ministry’s strategic objectives by promoting and implementing an efficient management of human resources within the ministry.

Contact details: tel. (022) 25-20-11

Areas of activity of the subdivision:

The service performs the functions in the following areas:

1) participation in the process of approval and elaboration of draft normative and administrative acts;

2) the administration of the military and civilian workforce by planning, coordinating, organizing, deploying, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of personnel procedures regarding:

a) design and organization of functions/positions;

b) ensuring the necessary personnel;

c) professional development of the workforce;

d) motivating and promoting the workforce;

3) providing informational and methodological assistance in the application of personnel procedures and the provisions of normative acts;

4) records and management of data and documents regarding the personnel of the ministry.

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