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„LOGEX 2015” Starts

Chisinau, May 15, 2013 — Ministry of Defense hosts the initial planning conference of “LOGEX 15” multinational logistics exercise within May 14-15.

According to Col. Andrei Sarban, Deputy Chief of Main Staff on Resource Management, the event carried out by the US Joint Force Command (USJFCOM), brought together 11 states, including Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Sweden, Serbia, USA and Republic of Moldova. The participants from all the above countries establish the main goals and activities to be carried out within the exercise.

“LOGEX” is a multinational logistics exercise held once in two years with the participation of NATO member countries and partners. The aim of the exercise is to train and develop logisticians’ capabilities, enhance interoperability among participants in the planning and execution of multinational operations, using NATO planning procedures.

Col. Sarban pointed out that the National Army would send for the first time to “LOGEX 15” eight logistics officers. Initially, they will be trained for 18 months within a variety of workshops on planning and execution of multinational operations with a focus on NATO planning procedures.

In the previous “LOGEX” exercises held in Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldovan servicemembers participated as observers.

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